How to keep Boulder opossums away from your property

Opossums are one of the most hated pests in America. They are scavengers who will knock over your garbage can and destroy your garden. They are generally not aggressive, so it is not very hard to get them off of your property. They do, however, spread diseases making them unsanitary house guests. The easiest way of ensuring that your home stays free of those pesky rodents is to make it impenetrable. Keeping Colorado opossums away from your property means that they will not be able to get into your garbage or your home.

The best way to keep Boulder opossums out
• By setting up sprinklers that are motion activated you might be able to scare the opossum before they enter your property. Be sure to place them at the entrance to your yard, otherwise, you might just have a wet, scared opossum in your home.
• Opossums have very bad hearing and eyesight, this makes them very dependent on their sense of smell. By placing garlic or ammonia in your garden it might make it less attractive to them. You can also purchase predator urine that will do the same.
• There are various chemical repellents available out there. A lot of them contain the urine of animals, so do not spray it close to your home.
• If you have pets let them urinate in the garden. You can also take the fur from their brushes and scatter it at the entrance to your yard.
• Possums mainly enter your property in search of food. By eliminating any source of food, you are forcing them to move on. Make sure that you put your garbage can out of reach, it is their main source of food.
• Colorado opossums do not build their own nests, they look for a suitable place to burrow. If your property does not provide them with a place to live then, they will move on.
• Using a low voltage electric fence will keep all sorts of pests out of your yard. You are able to put if off when your children or pets are in the yard, so it will not cause them any harm.
• Opossums always try to stay in the shadows. Installing a motion activated spotlight should frighten them off.
• The last option might be the most reliable. By setting up traps you are able to catch them before they can enter your property. There are humane traps available that will enable you to relocate the Boulder opossums without causing them any harm.

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