How to get Boulder skunks out of window well

Boulder skunks can be very troublesome and very destructive. They are medium sized and this gives them much advantage of penetrating most of the areas where other animals cannot access like in the house through the window.

Proper timing
With a proper knowledge of the activities of the Colorado skunks, you can easily comprehend how to get rid of them in the best possible manner.

Skunks living within the house will not easily leave their nests during the daytime and this is the period I would want to call the golden moment to catch the skunks you want. Daytime is the best time to conduct all your searches and finally apprehend the nuisance animal.

Before setting up the traps
Before you embark in any extermination method you are advised to;
• Do a thorough search of the Boulder animal you are dealing with. Not only the skunks will leave within the confines of your home, also other animals will live there and may require more customized method to trap them.
• Dropping and some tracks should help you identify the rodent bothering you as the Colorado skunks otherwise if you lack these obvious signs know that you are dealing with other animals that require sophisticated handling.
• Check out for any penetration areas other than the windows and everywhere. This should also give you a solid proof of what you are dealing with and truly justify that a skunks is in your house. If you don’t see such signs know that another animal has become your visitor and not the skunks.
• Look also for broken surfaces in your home, like a broken window pane. This provides an easy way through which the skunks can get in.
Knowing what you are dealing with is very important as it will also help you decide on the method to use when trapping and exterminating the animal.

Luring the skunks
Boulder skunks are clever animals and they will not get out of the house if they notice something weird happening to their dens, therefore you need to come up with something or a plan and one way to achieve that are luring them with a bait. This will get them out and then you can catch them by trapping or any other method. Finally Getting the skunks out of the house might be difficult but one the skunks are out you can now apply different techniques on how to deal with them in the best possible way.

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