Do Boulder Snakes Jump?

Many people believe on this common misconception that ordinary Boulder snakes can jump off the ground by lifting their whole body to target the prey. But this is not the complete truth; rather there are very few large size snakes that can actually lift their body completely from the ground. However, most of the snakes that are found around the world prefer to strike from the ground only without jumping their body in the air. The jumping skills are dedicated only to the flying snake that can move from one branch to other or one tree to other while searching for its prey.

The common Colorado snakes are able to simply raise their head up while keeping rest of the body on the ground. Sometimes when they are excited, they can also straighten their body up to certain distance in the air. In case if we talk about their behavior of striking to the prey, they are skilled enough to strike up to certain distance irrespective of their ground position. Experts reveal one essential fact about striking behavior of snakes that when they think of striking their prey, they first uncoil their body from the usual S shape and get into C curve shape. This position improves their striking accuracy.

If you are also one of those people who still believe that Boulder snakes can completely jump off the ground to strike when they are in aggressive mood; it is high time to understand that this is not true. The Cobra snake is often observed to straighten their body length while keeping the tail on the ground and this snake take this position quite often whenever it needs to check the environment around. However, the striking distance from the ground is observed to be half of their body length or can be one-third of their total body length.

Studies reveal that most of the Colorado snakes around the world prefer to strike only up to short distance instead of jumping to longer distance. The short striking distance ensures them higher accuracy as compared to the longer one. Even most of the snakes allow their prey to come quite close to them before striking. Also, on humans as well snake bites in most cases are observed below knee level or generally on foot.

The venomous Boulder snakes are often observed to miss their prey when they try to strike it from a long distance. This is why they do not prefer to target from a distance to avoid the difficulty a mistake. Few people also believe in a common myth that snakes are capable enough to fly but they can’t. This power is present in birds and few squirrels as well, but snakes can only hang between different branches of a tree or fly towards the ground within a distance of 100 yards only. Note that, there are few rare species of snakes that can fly and they are present in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. The terrible fact is that these species are venomous hence it is important to be very careful while visiting these locations.

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